HAYYY pt 1

Oh, dear. I seem to have abandoned this doo-dad. And I also seem to have abandoned my theme of naming each post after a new Japanese word.


But, really; sorry about this delay. After my body reluctantly recovered itself from being all sick-like, I was launched into a series of busy, busy things. Most of which I'm not even going to bother letting you know, because you're super bored and probably just came here to see pics of Japanese kidz doing cute things

Shiori-chan being so adorable it's borderline stupid.

So I'm gonna go ahead and work backwards as far as events that I haven't documented go, because that's how cameras work and I'm literally going to have to flip through my pictures to be able to remember things that have happened, especially when we get into the 200's (eeek, it's been so long I'm sorry!) But! At least the 泊り(sleepover) is fresh in my mind, and this story has many lol's in it so I think I can compensate a little :)

So. The kindergarten holds a 泊り for the oldest kids as a kick-off to the summer program, and also as a last hurrah for them seeing as how they will be graduating to elementary school once the summer ends. It's a nice little treat that the teachers throw for them (read: a lot of bitch work) BECAUSE WE LOVE THE 年長'S SO SO MUCH ~ cough.

AAANYSPANKLES. So the kindergarten was turned into a "Hotel" for the night, complete with all of us having to wear matching shirts and the kids having permission to have us completely clean up after them (fml). Oops, I skipped the part where all of the teachers (plus some of the kids' mother's) had to cook dinner for all 60 or so 年長's who would be sleeping over. Menu; Japanese curry rice! It's a bit different from Indian curry, but zomg the delicious-ness was astounding and my tongue still has no idea what even happened omg.

So the kindergarten closed about 4 hours early so we could get our cook on. First was to chop about 200 onions, carrots, and potatoes.

Dear onions,

Go die in a fire.

No love,

My eyes.

But seriously, the office was turned into a mini cutting studio with all the tables void of teacher-like things and strewn with onions. Momo, one of the 3 male teachers in training, walked in to get something from the copier and practically burst into tears and ran straight out. The women giggled. It felt nice to be with a bunch of gossiping women chopping up produce, even if I could only understand about 70% of wtf was going on. Next was the frying part, which was done in a little canopy-looking area where the bikes are usually parked. One of the mom's had lived in New Mexico (random lol) for 6 years so her English was quite good, and all the other mums were like "すごい!!!!!!!!!!!!" every time she opened her mouth and I was able to understand what was going on. What I wanted to say after the 9th time that they were all "ooooh, ahhhhh" was that them being able to chatter in Japanese was way cooler than lame English. Seriously, I feel like we got the short end of the stick as far as languages go. Regardless, they were impressed with the amount of Japanese I knew, and I in turn am surprised by how good I'm getting after only being here for a month. Mind you, my polite Japanese has degraded to extremely informal chatter, so going back to NU and talking to my old teachers will be interesting. They'll probably think I'm some sort of delinquent. YEAH ANYWAY

Have some cute. You deserve it after all my rambling. Lovely Sana-chan!

So after my housewife-like duties were finished (lol jk I was nearly halfway done but was getting tired of getting smoke in my eyes) I helped some of the other teachers load up all the 布団's (futon's -- YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, FUTON IS A JAPANESE WORD. Welcome to mind-fuck ville, population ME. I have been pronouncing it wrong my entire life. It took me a while of reading "futon" over and over to realize that it was actually "futon" and yeah. wtf. I will correct you from now on if you continue to pronounce it wrong. It is not "foo-tawn". NO. it's "h(f)uton."That and karaoke. It's not "carry-okee". No, you lose. It's "kara-oke". Okay? right. cough. 


So the kids came around 3:00, and were let loose to basically troll around the "hotel." For the lolz, this is what  made the kindergarten a "hotel"

I'm ~halfway convinced...
THERE YOU GO. Official hotel status.

The extra funny thing is only extra funny if you know how to read Hiragana (shout out to Sam and Sarah, as well as maybe Jasmine or anyone who has taken Japanese for more than 2 weeks and is reading this)

Remember; I work at Mizuho. +1 if you lol'd like I did when I took this picture.

And now for a random smattering of pictures before I progress with my sleepover story:

Spot the cutie! (hint: he makes it very easy for you)
Lol, when I said "random smattering" I really just meant one. LIFE IS FUNNER WHEN YOU'RE UNPREDICTABLE, OKAY?!

Oh geeze, where was I. *scrolls up* ah, yes. So after all the kids arrived, we had them change into their swimsuits to get ready for EXTRA SPECIAL PRIVATE POOL TIME!!!!!!!!1111 which, sadly, couldn't happen because (lol) a typhoon was passing through. yikes. So the swim instructors improvised them and had them all just...go the ホール (kind of like a mini auditorium; I think I mentioned it in a previous blog post) to play an hour's worth of games that would have been taken up by swimming. I originally thought this was going to be a pretty daunting task, but I forget that children have this tendency to want to repeat a game about 18 zillion times if they thought it was fun the first time around, so all was well.

I only kind of remember what they were doing here. All that you need to know is that it kept them  occupied for a long, long time.

Right. This blog needs to make sense. So soon after was dinner tiiiimee!! Yay, time to eat the curry rice I bled 14 eyeballs for. *confetti*. Each of the 年長 classrooms was transferred into a "restaurant", and the teachers (lol yay for getting out of doing a lot of things) became lovely servant lady...things.


wait that sa tree lol fml

hahaha. to be continiued. 


ah...so biigg...

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